Moesta et Errabunda by Un Festín Sagital / James Hamilton / Armchair Migraine Journey

Ep released as a bonus cd/vinyl hybrid for the beta-lactam ring recods special cd edition of Kosmodynamos 

*This digital version doesn`t have the vinyl side of the physical blrrecords edition 

Recorded on years 2014-2015, in Chile, USA and Canada 

The title was taked from the title of a Charles Baudelaire`s poem 

Dedicado a la memoria de Cristobal Cornejo


released 31 August 2015 

Michel Leroy: Keyboards, electronics, voice and mix 
Constanza Lagos: Flute 
James Hamilton: Mellotron, piano, hammond, electric guitar and kemence 
Ty Hodson: Drums 
AMJ: Ghost sounds 
Jesse Peper: Art