Edward Ka-Spel & The Silverman - Terremoto: live in Chile 2008


Edward Ka-Spel: Voice, synths and tapes 
The Silverman: Synths 

Michel Leroy: Acoustic Guitar (on Suicide Pact and Hellsville) 
Mc Abdullah: Sax (on Hellsville) 

Art: Jean-Henri Maisonneuve (jhmaisonneuve.jimdo.com
Mix: Michel Leroy 
Master: Michel Leroy

Recorded live in Santiago de Chile on november 2008. The name of the album, is a reference to a typical chilean drink, wich the pink dots share with chilean friends on thier southamiercian adventure years ago... but also terremoto means earthquake, something that happens "too much" in Chile, and is a near death experience that mark all of us here. 
(Michel Leroy)