Thanatoloop - El día de la asención

Imagine Antony and the Johnsons making a cover of Tear Garden`s “Ascencion Day”, and then remixed by Andrew Liles or similar… and then with some collaboration of Sopor Aeternus without the ensamble of shadows. Then, a long live impro of Thanatoloop and friends, with a lot of psych organ drawning, in a sea of great ethnics and industrial percussions, and of course, noise, a lot of sick electroacoustic noises. The last song, “La Serpiente Niña” is an outtake of “VioladorViolado”, a VERY good one…some goth feeling get disco, get psych, get RIO, get hot, and diiiirty.

Ascencion Day

Edition: A painted -with india ink- Cd-r in a handmade printed envelope, all in a bag with a TS`s sticker.


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