NOW - Ooo-Doo-Sigh

NOW es una banda demasiado buena, y demasiado desconocida para su calidad y originalidad. Unos hijos mutantes de una madre psicodelica, y un amable pero agerrido padre "power pop", como se definen ellos mismos. En su música podemos escuchar impros de libertad absoluta, vivaz, intensas, y para nada cercanas a las ya demasiadas "experimentaciones" autocomplacientes, conceptuales, y basicamente flojas y megalomaniacas. No, aqui las improvisaciones tienen caracter, como un mar vivo, en el cual flotas, sin ahogarte en sopor o conceptualismo vacio -como si pasa en muchas intenciones de improvizar música-. Y este mar riega canciones melodiosas llenas de energia, originalidad y locura. NOW lleva la fusion pop-vanguardia, ahí donde Animal Collective quizo llegar.

"Ooo-Doo-Sigh" es una coleccion de grabaciones en vivo, registradas en el tour de NOW por japón en mayo del 2009. Esta grabacion contiene versiones unicas de canciones de sus albums "Ooodipooomn", "The Hepadaboo" & "Frisbee Hotpot", asi como también nuevas improvisaciones, y cortos experimentos sónicos.
"Ooo-Doo-Sigh" is a collection of live recordings taken from NOWs Japan tour in May 2009. It features unique stripped down version of songs from their albums "Ooodipooomn", "The Hepadaboo" & "Frisbee Hotpot", as well as new improvisations, short sound experiments. These recordings also feature guest Japanese musicians: percussionists Chica Inoue Viva Sherry, avant-garde guitarist Akira Toyonaga, vibraphone-player Izumi Misawa and energetic drums from Yoshiyuki Ichiraku.

NOW (on this tour/recording):
Angela Last - bass, synthesizer, voice & percussion
Justin Paton - voice, guitar, synthesizer, percussion, drum machine, piano, bass
Richard Thomas - melodica, synthesizer, percussion, voice
Akira Toyonaga (guitar on "With It", "Hiway Code")
Chica (percussion on "The Pump Room", "With It", "Hiway Code")
Izumi Misawa (vibraphone on "Over The Lust And Greed")
Viva Sherry / Hime Satoko (percussion on "With It")
Yoshiyuki Ichiraku (drum kit sampler on "Over The Lust And Greed")


Founded in 1998, NOW have released 5 albums, contributed exclusive tracks to many compilations collaborated with underground musicians such as Damo Suzuki (one of NOWs 5 albums was with him), Charles Hayward & The Go! Teams' Kaori Tsuchida.
They have also attracted support slots with bands such as Faust, Circle, Tunng, Psapp, Rothko, Plaid and A Hawk And A Hacksaw and in February 2009 The Stooges' Mike Watt dedicated an entire radio show to their music.
Live, NOW move between melodic songs and energetic improvisation.
The band has played inside and outside the UK, most recently completing a Japan tour to promote their latest album, "Ooodipooomn", of which Plan B magazine writes:
"Pursuing their offbeat, off-kilter and occasionally off-the-wall mashup of lo-fidelity experimental pop music and uptempo kosmik grooves at the fringes of underground and overground success, NOW continue to demonstrate the tireless heart of their being is something close to an unsung national treasure."
NOW could be described as catchy, contemporary, inventive, exotic, melodious, harmonious and disharmonious 21st century pop music."



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